Healthy Food Production & Education

Wigwam Aquaponics will provide healthy food production and education to the City of Anderson and Madison County as a whole. Today in America more children go hungry than ever before in our history, and the health issues caused by our food system is appalling. Despite billions of dollars spent on community development, our urban neighborhoods remain blighted.  Wigwam Aquaponics believe its revitalization efforts include access to healthy food, jobs, vocational training, and entrepreneurship. Growing, distributing food, and educating the community is the primary initiative for the Center. 

The Wigwam is a prime location and can suddenly become urban agriculture assets making food production viable with tiny consumption footprints. The system accommodates year-around growing, critical to direct markets like restaurants, hospitals, and schools. 

Local food production can become a neighborhood enterprise, providing quality food and economic opportunity. Including:

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