The Wigwam: Just Minutes from Downtown Anderson

With the Wigwam being the centerpiece of the community since 1961, residents and partners are excited to keep the legacy alive and sustain it for the enjoyment of future generations. Community nullleaders estimate that over 2,000 people will be impacted monthly with the addition of retail spaces and housing.

Centrally located and just minutes from downtown, the area with the most revitalization measures 1.85 square miles. The boundaries 10th Street to the north, Brown-Delaware Street to the west, 29th Street to the south, and Raible Avenue to the west.

By enhancing the area through the addition of services, improvements, and other initiatives, residents and visitors can better connect with jobs and services. To encourage the prosperity, the following initiatives are planned or in the works:

  • New CATS transportation center
  • Wayfinding and walk and bikeway improvements
  • Cleaning up neighborhood regularly and reduce blighted properties by 25% in 5 years
  • Introduce a neighborhood watch group to provide education, prevention and intervention services
  • Resurrection of "Westside Business Group" and business owners' roundtable
  • Addition of co-working space

Through economic development actions, like the ones listed above, the Wigwam area will be the heart of the community. Community members and visitors can stop in or stay while to experience the arts, healthy living, dining, and shopping options.

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